Rohan Jasani

// Designer. Artist. Engineer.

I”m a UX Designer with 8 years of experience designing complex enterprise web, mobile & desktop applications that enable users to execute complex tasks with ease, speed & efficiency. That is indeed a mouth full 🙂

I’ve built & managed a UX practice from scratch, successfully led product teams through major releases, provided creative direction for mobile apps and have consistently elevated design processes through the introduction of user research methods & rapid prototyping.

Design Portfolio
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I like to CREATE, BUILD & MAKE things! And I mean all sorts of things… permaculture gardens, custom herbal formulas, breakdance routines, bamboo artisan classes, web sites, event fliers, marketing videos and more! Its what I do. What I’ve done most of my life.

If you have questions about my experience or would like to work together, drop me a line via LinkedIn.

Rohan Jasani

// Integrative Health

I have extensive training in Integrative Health (Herbal Medicine & Nutrition specifically) and work with clients looking to use Integrative Health approaches to address their health challenges complementary to conventional care:

Integrative Health Consultations

  • Managed a university medicinal herb garden w/ 150+ medicinal herbs.
  • Make a mean sweet tea!
  • I’m a clinical herbalist 🙂
  • Lived in a tiger reserve in the jungles of India for a year working w/ bamboo artisans & craftsman.
  • Can grow my own echinacea, harvest it, process it, make it into medicine and administer it correctly #HealthSelfsufficency
  • Yup, a bit of breakdancing back in the day!
  • Annually sit in silence = meditation retreats.
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